2 = a measure of, a certain amount of, an element of, certain, some.
Ex. Perhaps since they have only an inadequate measure of only one of the five characteristics, the schools ought to recognize their inability to deal with the problems and give up.
Ex. 'I can do it,' he said to himself, with a certain amount of aplomb which years of dealing with problems had given him.
Ex. They all permit an element of coordination of concepts at the search stage when searching most of the databases that are on offer.
Ex. The same is true for personal names, for subject headings or descriptors, for certain types of titles, for classification numbers, for call numbers, and so on = Lo mismo ocurre en el caso de los nombres personales, los encabezamientos de materia o descriptores, cierto tipo de títulos, los números de clasificación, las signaturas topográficas, etc.
Ex. Nevertheless, modern cataloguing practices often represent some amalgam of the collocative and the direct approaches.
* a cierta distancia de = off.
* a cierta distancia de la costa = offshore.
* a cierta distancia del litoral = offshore.
* bajo ciertas circunstancias = under certain circumstances.
* bajo ciertas condiciones = under certain conditions.
* cada cierto tiempo = episodic, every so often, every now and then, every now and again.
* cierto grado de = a degree of.
* conceder cierta autoridad sobre = give + Nombre + a say in.
* con cierta comodidad = with some ease.
* con cierta facilidad = with some ease.
* con cierta formación = educated.
* con cierta frecuencia = not uncommonly.
* con cierto detalle = at some length.
* con cierto gasto = at some expense.
* de cierto tipo = of a sort, of sorts.
* durante cierto tiempo = over a period of time.
* en cierta medida = to some extent, to a certain extent, to some degree.
* en ciertas circunstancias = in certain circumstances.
* en ciertas ocasiones = at certain times.
* en cierto grado = something of.
* en cierto modo = to some extent, after a fashion, to a certain extent, in a manner of speaking, so to speak, to some degree.
* en cierto modo + Verbo = sort of + Verbo.
* en ciertos casos = in certain cases.
* en cierto sentido = in several respects, to some extent, in a sense, in some respects, to some degree.
* hasta cierto punto = up to a point, to some degree, to some extent.
* necesitar tomar cierto tipo de decisiones = require + judgement.
* observar atentamente y durante cierto tiempo = maintain + vigil.
* que confiere cierto estatus social = status-conferring.
* sentir cierta aprensión (por) = be apprehensive (about).
* ser en cierto modo un + Nombre = be something of a + Nombre.
* situado a cierta distancia = further afield.
* una cierta cantidad de = a measure of, a proportion of.
* un cierto grado de = a certain amount of, a modicum of.
* un cierto número de = a number of.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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